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When it comes to supply chains, we believe in power to the people.

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By providing true visibility across the supply chain, we empower businesses large and small.

We’re opening up a supply chain that is plagued by data dark spots, slowed by miscommunication, and where power is only in the hands of a competitive few.

Drawing from our background in some of the world’s most successful tech companies, our aim is to create positive change for teams across the supply chain, improving the processes, and giving the power back to the people that move goods across the globe.

The supply chain is broken

For years the supply chain has been troubled by inefficiencies and delays caused by a lack of communication across teams. For businesses, this has made the process of moving goods across the globe painful and slow. But with Beacon, things are changing.

Improved real-time visibility can reduce delay-related expenses by up to 60%

Almost 1/3 of manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies reported global supply chain disruption in 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, 91% of consumers now consider the supply chain when making an online purchase

Introducing a smarter way of working

Change is a good thing. Here’s how our platform is creating positive change for shippers across the supply chain.

a screenshot of the Beacon tracking dashboard

One dashboard for data

End multiple tab tracking by seeing all of your shipments in one place, and in a standardised format.

Standardised data allows you to compare carriers easily

See all of your shipments in one simple dashboard

Data updated in real time so you are never left behind

a screenshot of the Beacon tracking dashboard

Shareable dashboards

Break down communication barriers by sharing information in one real-time dashboard.

Create shareable real-time data dashboards

Customise information to fit relevant members of your team

a screenshot of the Beacon tracking dashboard

Build bespoke dashboards

Stop miscommunication within your team. Share need-to-know information with only the team members that need to know it.

Share live reports with anyone inside or outside of your team

Access historic shipping data to help you plan for the future

Access any report at any time with offline access

Backed by tech giants

“Beacon’s game-changing platform has the potential to transform supply chains globally. We are excited to partner with Beacon’s world class team as they continue to expand and create value for their customers.”

Amir Karimopour, Managing Partner at Northstar.vc

In the news

Jeff Bezos invests in UK digital logistics start-up Beacon

Beacon has raised $15m in a funding round, bringing the Amazon mastermind alongside current investors that include Uber founder Travis Kalanick and former Google chairman Eric Schmidt.

London’s Bezos-backed logistics start-up Beacon raises £37m to fuel expansion as supply chains falter

Beacon launched in 2018 and uses AI and cloud-based technology to help companies make their international supply chains more efficient.

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