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Container shipping is a major source of carbon emissions. Estimate the environmental impact of your ocean freight operations using our free emissions calculator.

Shipping carbon emissions FAQs

What factors impact the carbon emissions generated from shipping?

The carbon emissions generated from container shipping depend on a variety of factors including the distance travelled, the weight of goods being shipped and the characteristics of the vessel being used to transport the freight.

What is the carbon footprint of shipping a single container?

Given the factors outlined above, it would be inappropriate to provide a single number. Statista reports that 16.12g of carbon is emitted per metric tonne of freight per kilometre traveled.

How can I measure and report on supply chain emissions?

Having a standardised emissions calculation methodology is essential to measuring and reporting on supply chain emissions. If you're pulling emissions data from different places, chances are you're doing an 'apples to oranges' comparison. Supply chain visibility platforms like Beacon bring all your freight tracking data into one place so you can take a consistent approach to calculating emissions and track progress over time.

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