Say goodbye to manual container tracking.

Knowing where in the world your containers are shouldn’t require hours of effort and massive spreadsheets. With Beacon’s container tracking software, it doesn’t.

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All of your ocean containers in one place

Logging into dozens of carrier portals is nobody's idea of fun. Beacon lets you automatically track all of your ocean containers as they travel the world in a single hub.

Be alerted when things go awry

The quicker you discover an issue, the quicker you can fix it. With real-time tracking and customisable alerts, you'll never be in the dark when a container is at risk.  

Track your air and road freight in the same platform

Ocean container tracking is just one piece of it. With multi-modal support, Beacon lets you track air and road freight right alongside your ocean containers.

Keep customers and supply chain partners informed

Everybody wants updates, and they want them now. Beacon's collaboration tools let you share live updates so everyone has the same information as you do.

Explore our container tracking software

Beacon's cargo tracking platform connects you to real-time shipping updates from around (and above) the world to provide a single source of truth for your supply chain data. All this, plus the power to analyse, report and share your data in a single, user-friendly dashboard.

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Track smarter, by sea and air

Beacon gives you the power to see and share any live shipment, at any moment.

Beacon - plan
Know where you’re going

Beacon’s data-driven planning tools highlight risks so you can protect your cash and inventory.

Expand your horizons

Push your progress further by comparing the performance of your carriers, airlines, forwarders and more...

beacon carbon emissions report
Cut the carbon and offset your impact

Track and offset emissions caused by port-to-port transport.

Unlock hassle free container tracking.

Connect with us to learn how you can save time and act quicker to manage disruptions with Beacon's container tracking platform.