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Powerful filters let you quickly create bespoke views for warehouses, hauliers, customers and other stakeholders.


Set your board as public or private, then share the link to enable on-demand access to the latest ETA updates.


Embedded commenting lets you communicate and coordinate responses without sending a single email.

Supply Chain Collaboration FAQs

What does supply chain collaboration software do?

Supply chain collaboration platforms automate and streamline information sharing and communication between the various actors in a supply chain such as suppliers, freight forwarders, warehouses and cargo owners. By facilitating easy access to critical supply chain data (like shipment ETAs) and documents, collaborative logistics platforms like Beacon can greatly reduce the administrative burden associated with keeping disparate supply chain stakeholders on the same page.

Why is collaboration in logistics important?

Improving collaboration in logistics is one of the best ways to enhance supply chain agility and resilience. When supply chain actors all have access to the same information, the administrative burden associated with information sharing is greatly reduced. This streamlines the process of risk identification and exception management, and replaces hundreds of emails and spreadsheets.

How do I improve supply chain data sharing?

Supply chain data sharing doesn’t have to involve complex and expensive system integration with your supply chain partners. Collaboration solutions like Beacon sit on top of your other systems and facilitate data sharing, document management and communication in an intuitive dashboard accessible to anyone who needs it - no custom development work required.