How Known uses Beacon to illuminate the dark spots in their customers’ supply chains

Known is a supply chain services company based in the USA. They help customers manage each stage of their supply chains, overseeing everything from order management to container delivery.

Before using Beacon, Known used three data providers to source shipment tracking information for their customers.

This wasn’t always easy; there were often gaps in the data, it wasn’t updated frequently and it wasn’t always accurate. They were looking for a tool that could supply ETAs for their customers reliably and quickly.


What issues were they facing?

Before using Beacon, the team at Known faced challenges procuring the right data. Their customers needed to know where their moving goods were at all times. Incomplete shipment data was limiting their ability to plan better, ensure timely deliveries and to keep their own customers informed.

What was the impact of tracking shipments with Beacon?

Beacon provided Known with the data their existing providers couldn’t, enabling complete visibility across all ocean shipments. As a result, Known could access up-to-date ETAs around the clock. Their customers could see when their goods were arriving, they could arrange entry summaries and customs clearance, and communicate effectively with their customers too.

The team at Known found Beacon easy to use and navigate, with their Head of Business Operations stating, ‘Beacon plugged the gaps with higher accuracy rates than our existing providers, which is great because it helps our customers rely on us. Having clean data makes us look good to our clients, and shows that we are on top of everything. As a communication pipeline, Beacon is far superior to the other tools we have tried’.


After implementing Beacon, the team at Known noticed a significant improvement in their data quality, which improved productivity and efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. When other platforms went dark, Beacon delivered the required information 60 minutes faster than them on average.

The numbers speak for themselves
minutes saved retrieving shipment data
previous data providers