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November 6, 2023

Beacon transforms supply chain collaboration with the launch of Beacon Live Boards

Beacon, the supply chain visibility and collaboration platform, has launched Beacon Live Boards, a collaborative feature enabling seamless information sharing and communication across supply chain partners. Marking a move beyond freight tracking, the launch enhances supply chain collaboration and visibility for customers. 

Knowing where goods are in the supply chain is a difficult task both due to the siloed nature of supply chains and intricate network of systems, stakeholders and supply chain partners. The standard approach of sending tracking updates using spreadsheets and email chains can be cumbersome and time consuming, with data often becoming quickly out of date. The recent launch of Beacon Live Boards responds to the difficulties of keeping track and co-ordinating responses, and is designed to help supply chain and logistics teams improve and simplify partner and stakeholder collaboration. 

Beacon Live Boards allow users to share real-time updates with supply chain partners and customers bringing ‘Google Docs style’ sharing and collaboration to the world of supply chain and logistics. Users are able to filter ocean and air shipments based on port, airport, estimated arrival date, carrier, SKU, PO or any other attribute, and create a shareable view in just two clicks. Beacon Live Boards also feature the ability to comment and chat, providing a central hub for coordinating responses to delays and disruptions with supply chain partners.

Common uses of Beacon Live Boards include: 

  • Scheduling port pickups with trucking partners 
  • Providing warehouse teams an accurate view of incoming shipments 
  • Creating a triage list of at-risk shipments 
  • Keeping merchandising teams and buyers in the loop
  • Sharing tracking updates with customers

In addition to its Beacon Live Boards collaboration solution, Beacon has also bolstered its platform with the introduction of document management capabilities and of the warehouse ETA milestone which extends freight visibility beyond the port. 

Fraser Robinson, CEO of Beacon, commented: “We are at a pivotal juncture in Beacon's evolution. With a multitude of stakeholders in the supply chain, Beacon Live Boards are set to revolutionise the collaborative aspect, introducing a groundbreaking Google Docs-inspired approach to the supply chain. This represents a transformative milestone for Beacon as we venture beyond tracking, with our suite of collaboration and analytics tools making it easier than ever to share updates with partners, act with speed, manage risks and generate the insights needed to improve supply chain performance. All this, ultimately, brings us one step closer to achieving full supply chain visibility.”

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About Beacon:

Beacon’s supply chain visibility and collaboration platform empowers organisations to achieve more efficient, reliable and sustainable supply chains. Our user-friendly solution unifies real-time ocean, air and road freight tracking and emissions data in a single source of truth. A suite of collaboration and analytics tools make it easy to share the latest updates with partners, take swift action to manage risks and generate the insights needed to improve supply chain performance.

Customers including Fever-Tree and Tata Consumer Products are using Beacon to automate global freight tracking, coordinate responses to disruptions, keep customers informed, assess carrier and route performance, monitor carbon emissions and more.