Delta Cargo Tracking

Delta AWB tracking directly alongside all your other shipments in a single freight visibility hub

What are the best tools for Delta Airlines cargo tracking?

Businesses can track Delta cargo shipments using the air waybill number provided when the shipment was arranged.

If you only use air freight occasionally, Delta Cargo offers an online tracking service where businesses can input the air waybill number to access real-time tracking information, including shipment status and estimated arrival times.

For businesses dealing with larger shipment volumes, unified freight tracking solutions like Beacon provide a single source of truth across multiple carriers and modes, allowing supply chain and logistics teams to track air waybills, ocean containers and road freight in one place, streamlining logistics management and enhancing visibility into the entire supply chain.

About Delta

Delta Cargo, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the dedicated cargo division of Delta Air Lines, one of the world's largest airlines. With a fleet of over 800 aircraft, including passenger planes equipped for cargo transportation, Delta Cargo offers comprehensive freight services across North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Delta AWB Tracking FAQs

How long is my Delta Cargo tracking number?

Delta Cargo tracking numbers (air waybill numbers) are comprised of 11 digits (3 digit airline code + 8 digit unique identifier) and begin with the airline code '006'.

What data is available for Delta air waybill tracking?

Beacon provides the following milestones for Delta air freight tracking: booking confirmation, cargo received, cargo manifested, plane departed, plane arrived, cargo received and cargo delivered/collected.

Can I receive notifications for key tracking milestones?

When using Beacon to track a Delta AWB, you can set email alerts to be notified of key milestones and any delays or disruptions and seamlessly share the latest tracking data with your customers, supply chain partners and any other stakeholders who might need it.

Can I track multiple Delta air waybills simultaneously?

When using Delta Cargo's tracking service on their website, you are limimted to one air waybill at a time. Beacon allows users to track multiple Delta air waybills simultaneously directly alongside all your other ocean, air and road shipments in a single dashboard.

What can you ship with Delta Cargo?

Delta Cargo supports a range of cargo types including general cargo, live animals, pharmaecuticals, high value goods and perishables.

How many planes does Delta Cargo have?

Delta Cargo leverages the space available on Delta's 950+ passenger planes. They do not maintain a dedicated freighter fleet.