HMM Container Tracking

Track up to 20 HMM container shipments for free

What are the best tools for HMM tracking?

When it comes to Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) container tracking, you have options ranging from using spreadsheets from your freight forwarder to manually checking HMM's online cargo tracking portal, or utilizing advanced unified visibility solutions that deliver real-time supply chain insights.

Relying solely on spreadsheets or carrier-specific portals may hinder efficient management of diverse shipments or handling disruptions across different carriers and forwarders. Beacon, an innovative cargo tracking solution, consolidates all shipment information into a single platform, enabling personalized notifications for exceptions, analysis of tracking milestones, and optimization of lead times to enhance overall supply chain performance.

About HMM

HMM, formerly known as Hyundai Merchant Marine, was founded in 1976 in South Korea as a shipping division of the Hyundai Group. The company rapidly grew to become one of the largest container shipping lines globally, playing a key role in South Korea's economic development and international trade. Today, HMM operates independently and is headquartered in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. The firm is owned by Harim Group, who acquired the business in 2023. 

HMM Line Container Tracking FAQs

What is the Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) SCAC code?

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC code) for HMM is "HDMU".

What HMM tracking milestones does Beacon provide?

Beacon provides a wide range of container tracking information for HMM shipments. Key milestones include: Gate in Full, Loaded at POL, Departure from POL, Arrival at POD, Discharged at POD and Gate out Full. Estimated dates and times are available for container arrivals and departures. Additional milestones allow you to track transshipments through intermediary ports. Information about the ports your containers are traveling to and vessels they are on are also available. 

Who owns Hyundai Merchant Marine?

In December 2023, an investor consortium led by Harim Group announced a $4.9B deal to acquire HMM and merge the company with Pan Ocean. Prior to this deal, the Korean Development Bank and the Korean Ocean Business Corporation held a combined 58% stake in the company.

Does Hyundai Merchant Marine ship to the US?

Yes, HMM ships do serve routes to the United States. HMM operates container shipping services globally, including transpacific routes connecting Asia (including South Korea) with various ports in the United States. HMM vessels call at major U.S. ports on the West Coast (such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle) and the East Coast (such as New York, Savannah, Norfolk)

Where can I find the tracking number for my HMM shipment?

The tracking number for your Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) shipment can be found on the shipping documents provided by the shipper, your freight forwarder or HMM. The tracking number is typically included in the shipping confirmation email, bill of lading, or any other documentation related to your shipment.

What should I do if my HMM container is delayed or missing?

If your HMM container is delayed or missing, first check the shipment status using the provided tracking number online. Contact HMM's customer service immediately to report the issue and provide details of your shipment. Notify the sender or freight forwarder about the situation for additional assistance. Follow HMM's guidance on filing a claim if necessary and stay updated through regular communication with their customer service team.