SeaLand Container Tracking

Track up to 20 SeaLand container shipments for free

What are the best tools for SeaLand tracking?

When it comes to SeaLand track and trace, you have options ranging from using spreadsheets from your freight forwarder to manually checking SeaLand's online cargo tracking portal, or leveraging unified visibility solutions for real-time supply chain insights.

Relying solely on spreadsheets or carrier-specific portals may hinder efficient shipment management or disrupt handling across different carriers and forwarders. Beacon’s cargo tracking solution, on the other hand, consolidates all shipment information into a single platform, enabling customized notifications for exceptions, detailed analysis of tracking milestones, and optimization of lead times to enhance overall supply chain performance.

About SeaLand 

SeaLand, originally known as Sea-Land Service, was founded in 1956 by Malcom McLean, the pioneer of container shipping. McLean's innovative containerization methods revolutionized global trade by standardizing cargo transport. Since 1999, SeaLand has been part of Maersk Line, a division of A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. Maersk announced the retirement of the SeaLand brand name in 2023. 

SeaLand Track and Trace FAQs

What is the SCAC code for SeaLand?

The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) for SeaLand, which is a Maersk company specializing in regional shipping in the Americas, is "SEAU." This SCAC code is used to identify SeaLand as a carrier in transportation and logistics documentation. You can use the SCAC code "SEAU" when dealing with SeaLand for shipping-related inquiries and transactions.

Who owns SeaLand?

SeaLand is owned by Maersk.

Who founded SeaLand?

SeaLand was founded in 1956 by Malcom McLean, who is credited as the creator of modern container shipping.

When did Maersk buy SeaLand?

Maersk acquired SeaLand in 1999.

What Maersk SeaLand tracking milestones does Beacon provide?

Beacon provides a wide range of container tracking information for Maersk SeaLand shipments. Key milestones include: Gate in Full, Loaded at POL, Departure from POL, Arrival at POD, Discharged at POD and Gate out Full. Estimated dates and times are available for container arrivals and departures. Additional milestones allow you to track transshipments through intermediary ports. Information about the ports your containers are traveling to and vessels they are on are also available. 

Does SeaLand still exist?

No. Maersk announced they were retiring the SeaLand brand in 2023.