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Arrival notice

What is an arrival notice?

An arrival notice is a notification sent by a carrier or freight forwarder to inform consignees or recipients that a shipment has arrived at its destination port or facility. This notice serves as an important communication tool in the supply chain, providing recipients with essential information about the arrival of their goods and detailing the next steps for delivery or pickup.

Upon receiving an arrival notice, the consignee can begin making arrangements for the clearance and delivery of the goods. It typically includes key details such as the shipment's arrival date and time, the location where the goods are held, the carrier or forwarder's contact information, and any instructions or requirements for customs clearance and delivery.

Why arrival notices are important

For logistics professionals, ensuring timely receipt and processing of arrival notices is crucial for managing inbound shipments efficiently and avoiding delays in the supply chain. By promptly acknowledging and acting upon arrival notices, businesses can facilitate smooth cargo handling and streamline the process of receiving and distributing goods to their final destination.

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