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Dock receipt

What is a dock receipt?

A dock receipt is a logistics document issued by a carrier or its agent to acknowledge the receipt of goods at a shipping dock or terminal for transportation. It serves as a temporary receipt until the goods are loaded onto a vessel or other mode of transportation for shipment to their destination. The dock receipt contains essential information about the cargo, such as the quantity, description, condition, and destination, along with details about the carrier, shipper, and consignee.

Why are dock receipts important?

Dock receipts play a crucial role in the logistics process by providing documentation of the cargo's acceptance by the carrier and initiating the transportation process. They serve as a record of the goods received at the shipping dock and help ensure accountability throughout the shipment journey. Dock receipts are often used in conjunction with other shipping documents, such as bills of lading, to facilitate the smooth and efficient movement of goods through the supply chain.

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