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Load board

What is a load board?

In the realm of supply chain and logistics, a load board serves as an online platform or marketplace where shippers and carriers can connect to facilitate the transportation of freight. Also known as freight boards or truck load boards, these platforms provide a centralized space for posting and searching available loads and trucks, enabling efficient matching of transportation needs.

How do load boards work?

Load boards typically function by allowing shippers to post details about available freight, including origin, destination, type of cargo, and desired pickup and delivery dates. Carriers, on the other hand, can search for loads based on their preferred routes, equipment type, and capacity. Once a suitable match is found, shippers and carriers can communicate directly to negotiate terms and finalize arrangements for transporting the freight.

How much do load boards cost?

The cost of using load boards can vary depending on the platform and the level of service offered. Some load boards may require subscription fees or charge per load posted or booked, while others may offer free basic services with optional premium features for a fee. It's essential for shippers and carriers to evaluate the pricing structure and features of different load boards to determine which option best fits their needs and budget.