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Packing list

What is a packing list in supply chain and logistics?

A packing list is a document that itemizes the contents of a shipment. It provides detailed information about the goods being transported, including descriptions, quantities, and any special instructions for handling. This document serves as a crucial tool in supply chain and logistics operations, aiding in the verification of goods received, inventory management, and customs clearance processes.

What’s included in a packing list?

Key information found on a packing list includes the product names or descriptions, item quantities, unit weights, dimensions, and packaging details. Additionally, any special handling instructions, such as temperature requirements or fragile items, are also typically included.

Who is responsible for creating packing lists?

Packing lists are prepared by the shipper or exporter and provide important information for both the sender and the recipient of the goods. 

Why are packing lists important?

Packing lists play a vital role in ensuring accurate and efficient handling of shipments throughout the supply chain. They provide essential information for inventory management, customs compliance, and overall logistics operations.

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