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Shipping Instruction

What are shipping instructions?

An enrichment to the original booking shared by the shipper to the carrier. The shipping instruction includes volume/weight, shipping dates, origin, destination and other special instructions. The information given by the shipper through the shipping instructions is the information, which is required to create the Bill of Lading.

How to submit shipping instructions

Shipping instructions can be submitted through various channels:

  1. Online Platforms: Many shipping companies anf freight forwarders offer online portals for inputting details like origin, destination, cargo specifics, and special instructions.
  2. Email: Sending shipping instructions via email to the designated contact within the shipping company is common. Be sure to include all relevant shipment details in the email.
  3. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): Larger businesses may use EDI systems to transmit shipping instructions electronically, automating the process and reducing errors.
  4. Paper Forms: Traditional paper forms can still be used, requiring manual completion before submission via mail, fax, or in person.