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July 8, 2024

July 2024 Product Roundup: Ocean Carrier Haul and Multi-Factor Authentication

The latest Beacon platform updates include ocean carrier haul tracking and support for multi-factor authentication.

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Inland ocean carrier haul (OCH) tracking 

Container journeys don’t end at shipping ports. Recognizing this, ocean carriers have expanded their networks by offering intermodal inland transportation via rail, barge and road – a service that has become known as ocean carrier haulage.

As we push forward on our mission to deliver comprehensive end-to-end freight visibility, you can now track containers seamlessly from your suppliers’ factory to your or your customers’ warehouses when your ocean carrier is managing the inland journey.

The phase of a container’s journey will be denoted by mode icons and status chips on tracking cards. Additional milestones for each stop can be viewed by hovering over a destination or intermediary point. A detailed breakdown is also visible in the timeline on the container details page.

With these new freight tracking milestones, Beacon extends visibility to the final destination. In doing so, you can equip warehouses and customers with real-time views of inbound freight, and ensure everyone in your supply chain has a clear view of where goods are.  

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (also referred to as two-factor authentication or 2FA) helps you better protect your Beacon account from unauthorized access. 

When enabled, users will be challenged to provide a second means of authentication when logging into Beacon. 

Once MFA is enabled, users must add Beacon to their authenticator app of choice (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator etc.) by scanning a QR code provided upon logging in. Once configured, users will also have the option of being sent a one-time passcode by email.

To get set up with MFA contact your Beacon customer success manager. 

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