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Real-time transportation visibility (RTTV)

What is real-time transportation visibility?

Transportation visibility refers to the ability of supply chain professionals to monitor and track the movement of goods and shipments in real time throughout the transportation process. It involves gaining insights into the location and status of shipments as they move through various modes of transportation, such as road, rail, air, or sea.

What does transportation visibility software do?

Transportation visibility platforms connect users with the data and tools they need to enhance real-time transportation tracking and monitoring across the supply chain. These platforms boost global transportation visibility by aggregating data from different carriers, logistics providers, and transportation modes into a centralized dashboard. With real-time transportation visibility, supply chain professionals can proactively identify and address potential disruptions, optimize routing decisions, and improve overall logistics efficiency.

Benefits of global transportation visibility

Global transportation visibility enables supply chain professionals to make informed decisions, improve customer service, and enhance supply chain agility. By having access to real-time information about shipment status and location, organizations can minimize the impact of delays, reduce costs, and ensure on-time delivery of goods to customers.

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