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May 17, 2024

April 2024 product roundup: Introducing third party Live Board access

This month, we’re taking another leap forward in our mission to transform supply chain collaboration and connectivity with the launch of third party Live Board access.

Live Boards are shared workspaces designed to simplify information sharing and communication across your supply chain. The latest improvements make it easier than ever to share information, collect and organize logistics documents, manage disruptions and so much more. 

Keep reading for a full rundown of what’s new and to learn how third party Live Board access can help break down the silos that slow down supply chains…

What is third party Live Board access?

Third party Live Board access allows you to invite people to collaborate on specific Live Boards.

You can now securely share information and collaborate with your suppliers, warehouses, freight forwarders, customers, internal stakeholders and others without opening up the rest of your Beacon account (and data) to these individuals. 

What can third party collaborators do?

Invited users will be able to see the live freight tracking milestones and ETAs on the Live Board(s) you have shared with them. When inviting collaborators to your Live Board, you will also specify a user role which determines what actions they can take.

Viewers can view and track ETAs and subscribe to notifications, but cannot see any comments or documents on the Live Board.

Commenters can do everything viewers can do and can additionally participate in conversations with other members using comments. 

Collaborators can do everything commenters can do with the added ability to upload and view logistics documents.

Benefits of third party Live Board access

Third party Live Board access is designed to help supply chain and logistics teams:

  • Reduce the need for long, disorganized email chains by centralizing conversations with your stakeholders directly along the latest tracking updates on your Live Boards 
  • Collect and organize essential logistics and compliance documents by having your freight forwarder or suppliers upload them directly to associated shipments 
  • Improve exception management and minimize downstream disruption by pushing the latest ETAs and change alerts to everyone who needs them including customers and warehouse partners with automated email notifications

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