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February 15, 2024

September 2023 product roundup: Improve supply chain collaboration with Live Boards

Knowing where your goods are is hard enough without having to worry about how you’re going to keep your stakeholders and supply chain partners up to date. 

The standard approach of sending tracking updates over email chains can be cumbersome and time consuming. Not to mention that the second you press ‘send’, you risk the data being out of date…

Our recent platform updates are designed to help supply chain and logistics teams improve and simplify partner and stakeholder collaboration.

Introducing Live Boards 

Beacon Live Boards allow you to share real-time updates with everyone who needs them, bringing Google Docs style sharing and collaboration to the world of supply chain and logistics. 

Simply filter your ocean and air shipments based on port, airport, estimated arrival date, carrier, SKU, PO or any other attribute, and create a shareable view in just two clicks. 

Live Boards can be made public or private. With public boards, all users need is the URL to access shipment updates. Private boards allow you to restrict access to users logged into your Beacon dashboard. 

Common uses of Live Boards include: 

  • Scheduling port pickups with trucking partners 
  • Providing warehouse teams an accurate view of incoming shipments 
  • Creating a triage list of at risk shipments 
  • Keeping merchandising teams and buyers in the loop
  • Sharing tracking updates with customers

The next update will introduce the ability to comment, making it easy to swiftly coordinate responses to delays and disruptions with your supply chain partners. 

What else is new this month?

You asked and we listened. 

Ports can now be searched and filtered by country, making it easier to hone in on the shipments you’re focused on. 

We’ve also launched a new chat support feature. Simply click the orange ‘B’ in the bottom right corner of your Beacon dashboard to connect with our friendly customer team. 

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